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About Trzęsacz

Trzęsacz (to 1945 German Hoff) - a village, a seaside resort town and seaside resort in north-western Poland, in Zachodniopomorskie Province, in the county gryfickim, in the municipality Rewal. Located on the Baltic Sea, the Baltic port of Szczecin. Countryside is located in the western part of the coast province. West, in the central part of the municipality Rewal. It is situated on the Baltic Sea Coast Trzebiatowskim. To the east of the meridian passes Trzęsacz 15 ° 00 'east longitude, Greenwich mean time setting.

Trzęsacz a seaside resort located on the edge of a typical cliff. Trzęsacz runs through provincial road No. 102 and the Narrow Gauge Railway line Gryficka: Gryfice - Pogorzelica. In the years 1946-1998 was a town located in the province of Szczecin. From 1 July 1896 by Trzęsacz leads first, the west line of the Narrow Gauge Railway linking Gryficka then Gryfice of Niechorze. In the village are the ruins of a Gothic church built in the middle villages at the turn of the fourteenth / fifteenth century, at a distance of nearly two kilometers from the sea. Church at the beginning belonged to the Catholics, but after the Reformation, the Evangelical church was the end of his days. Abrasive processes resulted in the seashore are constantly approaching the building. Last worship celebrated in church March 2, 1874 year. Equipment was transported to the cathedral church in Kamien Pomorski, and some historical triptych can be seen in rewalskim church. In 1901, collapsed in the first part of it. Today the only remaining fragment of the south wall. Currently, intensive work on the ruins of protection against storms. It is the only type of tourist attraction in Europe. Street. Palace rising 4 Tilia cordata declared natural monuments in 2003. Trees reach a height of 19 m. The two trees are located at the entrance into the premises No. 2 / 2 with stables. Third in the collapse of the wall of the palace opposite the church. Fourth lime between the building of the church and the garden of the palace (with the collapse of the garden fence). In Trzesacz startowisko is ideal for paragliding flight sailing.


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